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I’m guessing you’re here because you had a taste of Reiki healing, and you want to be able to access it for yourself!

There are lots of reasons to want to become attuned to Reiki, but there are two that are the most popular:

  • To develop your own spiritual being, and work on personal healing.
  • Because you’ve recognized your own healing gifts, and want to develop them further.

Whatever the reason, I’m very excited that you came to the decision. The world needs more healing, and it absolutely helps to have more people focused on that!

I’d also say it’s a safe bet you are doing, or have done, some research on the different programs available.

Good, because you should.

There are two things you want to look at when deciding where to get your Attunements and Training:

1. Who’s Your Teacher?

Unfortunately, not all teachers are created equal. I recommend learning a little about their teaching/training philosophies, and why they became healers.

A good Reiki Master will be there for you as you develop your healing skills, and you’ll want to feel comfortable working with him or her. If you can, you’ll also want to have a session with your soon-to-be teacher, whether it’s in person or over distance.

And, if you’re signing up for someone who is “famous” and doing tours, find out if they will actually be the one attuning you, or if it will be one of their students.

2. What Does The Training Look Like?

There are lots of training structures out there, and you don’t always get what you pay for. So decided what it is you are looking for before choosing to jump in.

If you choose an option that makes you a “Practitioner,” or even a “Reiki Master” in the course of one or two weekends, technically you will have the equipment to be so. What is typically lacking in these programs, is the ability and practice to truly access and utilize the full force of the healing energies.

It’s basically like giving a karate student a manual on all the forms and techniques, and saying you are now a black belt.

The way I was taught, and the way I teach, is to include comprehensive information on how to use and turn up the volume on the Reiki Energy the attunements grant you access to.

So, you get the skills, and the know-how.

This style of training takes time, but when all is said and done, you’ll find yourself stronger than you were if I just gave you that manual.

Training With Jes At Balanced U

Of course, I should answer my own questions, right?

And I have!

For an in-depth review of what Reiki Training looks like with me, head to the next page!

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