Reiki Training Overview

Working with my Reiki Teacher to truly practice and integrate the skills of Reiki is what gave me the foundation to build my healing abilities to the level I’m at today. Without that foundation, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as capable.

I want that for my students; I want for them to have access to the full scope of healing with Reiki, whether it is just for themselves, or to work with other people.

So, I carry on the tradition of a very inclusive training structure, and I encourage students to sign up for Levels I and II together. Whatever the motivation for learning to access Reiki, it is hugely beneficial to be able to use the skills learned in both levels.


Each level is taught over the course of a weekend (typically) in a small group. During this class, we cover all the essentials and techniques necessary to complete the certification. From there, each student is responsible for independent work.

This structure is the most effective because it allows each student to learn the fundamentals, and then practice what they have learned. Most groups stay connected to support each other as they complete their assignments, and even after.

Students and groups are also encouraged to reach out to Jes at any point!

Of course, you are probably wondering how much this all costs. Traditionally, each level of Usui Reiki costs thousands of dollars – the Usui Lineage recommends $10,000 for the first two levels alone!

Fortunately, Jes isn’t Japanese and she ascribes to a more attainable western model:

Reiki I 

The first level of Reiki is about giving the new student access to the healing energy, and preparing them to host that energy within themselves. (2 Days in Group)

Along with this Attunement, we work on understanding the basics of the energy body, and in-depth self-healing.

Pre-homework: learning about the chakras system. It is recommend each read “Wheels of Life” prior to attending the class.

Reiki Level I: ……………………………………………….$200 

Reiki II

The second level of Reiki is about deepening the understanding of Reiki Energies, increasing control, and learning how to practice on another person. (2 Days in Group)

Along with this Attunement, we focus on how to use Reiki for specific issues, how to share it with others, and how to work as a practitioner.

Pre-homework: entry into this class require a 21-day journal of self healing.

Reiki Level II (Practitioner): ………………………………$300 

Reiki I & II Package

Reiki I & II really go hand in hand, and should be taken together for maximum benefit.

Reiki I & II Package: ………………………………………$450

Reiki III

This is the Master Level, where students learn Advanced Reiki Techniques (ARTs), increasing capabilities, and becoming a capable teacher. As my teacher did, I choose to keep bother ART and Teaching combines because I feel one could not be complete without the other. (3 Days in Group)

Along with the attunements, we focus on when to use specific ARTs, how to attune others, and training skills.

Pre-homework: completion of checklist handed out in Reiki II training.

Reiki Level III (Master/ Teacher): ………………………..$500 

 **Dates are decided based on number of students and availability, but typically fall on a weekend between 10am – 6pm. If you want to become a student with Jes, email her now to get on the list for the next available class!**

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