Why You Should Be Obsessed


This morning I read a post about this guy who lost 80 pounds and shared a very honest 4-step process to how he did it.

Without giving away any spoilers, his article resonated with something I’ve been turning over in my head for a while now.

In our culture, it’s considered a bad thing to become obsessed about anything.

But the thing is, that doesn’t make sense. It’s obsession that has pushed humans to new levels. Obsession that led to cures and medical breakthroughs. Obsession that has brought to life the technology we now rely on.

Any of the people that are remembered in history for making an impact on the world are remembered because they were obsessed with a concept or idea.

They knew that the only way to move forward was to finish the journey, and they lived their lives around that purpose.

Most people aren’t obsessed about anything. We just do the best we can to complete each day and set ourselves up to be comfortable tomorrow.

Unfortunately, most people also feel dissatisfied with their lives, and look for ways to numb or distract themselves from that type of pain.

What if, instead, everyone found one things to obsess about?

To learn everything they can about a specific topic or idea.

What if you did that?

Instead of going home and vegging out at the end of the day, or having a couple drinks, you spent your free time focused on one idea?

Where would you be in a year from now?

For me, that idea was becoming spiritually balanced and whole. After the first year, I was in the middle of training to become a Reiki Master and certified life coach. After the second, I was running my own business.

Being obsessed with spiritual growth and empowerment, I’ve changed my life into one I am proud of.

So, my challenge to you now is to find something you can obsess over.

Learn a foreign language, play an instrument, plan a trip. Anything that excites you (and doesn’t break any laws).

Take the first step to see where this journey we call life could actually take you. \

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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