The Gift of Freedom


Once upon a time, I wanted to be a archeologist when I grew up.

Then I wanted to be a lawyer. Followed by CEO. Then a Marketing Guru. And a Fashion Designer. Like most people, I went through the gamut as I searched for my calling.

Eventually I decided what I really wanted to be was a boss. I wanted to make the big decisions and lead my company & coworkers to success. So I went into sales to expand my skill set, and to find a way to move into a C-level job position.

After several years doing the grind, I got a pretty good idea of what it takes to get to lead that life. And what it really looks like.

Now I know what I truly wanted was Freedom.

And the reason I didn’t have it had nothing to do with where I worked, or what was in my job description. But it had everything to do with the attitude I brought to the table.

Instead of thinking I had to spend years working my way up the ladder, I could choose to live that life Today.

I’ve had the power to use my vacation time to go on grand adventures from the beginning. I’ve had the power to prioritize my life experience every day.

Who would have thought it?!

And so now I’m choosing to make my Freedom a priority. To go out and connect with my friends. To experience new things all the time.

And funny thing, the more I let go of all the not so important things, the more successful and productive I bec0me!

This week I’ve been filming for my upcoming “Meditation Series!” This is super exciting to me because it’s been coming together for a long time, and I am so excited for it to finally be around the corner.

And the experience has been great! I’m learning a lot and enjoying the opportunity to produce something positive for the world at large!

You deserve the opportunity to experience life! Don’t deny it from yourself, but embrace it!

Whatever your passion, and whatever your job, if you choose to give yourself the gift of Freedom, you will be living like a boss starting today!

I promise, your work will still be there tomorrow; but you only have one chance to live your life!

Love ThatBalanceChick2


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