Take Away Fear’s Control of Your Life


Today I am reminded of how our fears can really hurt our lives.

We make decisions based on what we are afraid will happen. And often we miss out on great things because the risk was too high.

I’ve worked hard in my life to not be waylaid by fear. I moved to Japan by myself, and then to France. I moved to NYC to begin a life with no job in line and barely enough money to survive a month. I left my comfy corporate career to live a life more true to my soul, and be challenged as an entrepreneur.

But even with courage to keep moving toward my goals, I still hold those fears that come with each new path.

I have nights where I can’t sleep because I’m worried about money, if I’m being taken advantage of, or whether I made the right choice.

Everyone does.

And it’s not bad to acknowledge fears, because they are like caution lights saying, “hey, be careful up ahead.”

The real problem comes when we spend too much energy on these fears. Thinking about all the ways you could wind up in trouble is the fastest way to ensure you do.

This is because energy never dies, but is redirected and transformed.

The Universe doesn’t see things in color, with a difference between fear and desire. It is more like a radar screen that senses strong masses of energy, regardless of it’s Good or Bad charge. And it says, Yes, I’ll make that happen.

So when you thing about all the things that could go wrong, you are ensuring their likelihood.

Which means we have to find ways to notice the caution sign without picking them up and dragging them with us. We have to let them go.

In my every day life, I have a pretty good habit of focusing on what I want to occur, and staying positive. I could be better, but I don’t often get rooted down in bad things, and am always trying to put energy toward good little things.

Things like getting a great parking spot without any hassle.

And these are successful because I truly believe to my core that they will come true.

But when it comes to the big things in life, the things that have disappointed me in the past many times over, I struggle a bit more. I forget to monitor my mental self, because I am so good with the little things.

During this mornings meditation I remembered this, and caught myself being afraid and giving energies to the wrong outcomes.

So today it is my job to re-write my thought patterns, and focus on the good stuff I’m looking forward to. And to believe it at my core self.

It’s not easy, but as with everything, it takes practice.

And if I can do it, so can you.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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