Why You Need to Stop “Forcing It”

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I wanted to write a post this morning about the great time I had catching up with my friend this weekend! She just got back into town after a summer of travel and vet training, and we had a blast.

We also talked a lot about religion, prayer, and intentions, and I wanted to share those things with you all.

But, after trying to get a good start for the last hour plus, I’m finding that those topics just aren’t the ones that want to flow through me today.

I think that, instead, I am to focus on the need to find and follow your purpose in life.

This moment is a perfect example of trying to force something that isn’t.

We do it all the time as a society. We stifle arts because they aren’t what is considered likely to lead to a “successful” life. We study to be a doctor or a lawyer when we really want to do something in human services. Whatever.

The real problem comes from denying who we truly are, to do something that somebody else says is right.

Each of us knows deep down who we are meant to be, and what we are meant to be doing. Following those inclinations, despite what others think, is what truly honoring the life you have is.

And it is those people that have managed to do that are the ones that have made huge leaps in understanding and technology for human kind.

It is because they are the ones that are contributing to their fullest potential, regardless of everything else.

For me, that is looking at the world and life in a holistic manner, and bringing that understanding to as many people as possible.

I can see that the true route to physical health is found through a healthy lifestyle combined with a spiritual practice. I can see that no one need consume any medicines – be they herbs, pharmaceuticals, etc. – for the long term. I can see that if we want to completely heal any issues in our physical bodies, we must first clear the blockages in our energetic ones.

These are the gifts I have to offer, and I find that doing so gives me more energy to keep going than anything else ever could.

So the real message from this weekend is to make sure you embrace your gifts, and offer them to the world.

That is why you are here, and we are all just waiting for you to let your light shine.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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