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We live in a world of impossible ideals; women should be 5’9″ and 120 lbs, men should be 5’11” or taller with rock hard abs, everyone should be successfully rising within their chosen career, sleep is for the unsuccessful, etc. etc.

But the fact is that we’re all meant to live our own lives, and walk down our own paths.

That doesn’t always mean the same thing as it does to the person to your right. And it shouldn’t.

I’m 5’7″ and certainly have never been a size 2, but I’m also perfectly happy with the body I have. Yes, I was once in better shape (when I was 17, or in when I was in college), and yes I do work to stay physically active, but I’m not displeased with what I currently have.

I left a successful career because it didn’t make me happy, and embarked on a completely different journey to live a life that does. No, I don’t make as much money, and No it isn’t easy, but I get to live life on my terms.

And I certainly don’t feel guilty for having a bit of fun and enjoying foods that are not the epitome of health.

In fact, I advocate for the opposite!

Life should be about having fun and gaining experience.

Like that country song goes, I want to sit out on my porch telling stories to my grandbabies when I’m pushing 80. And how on earth could you tell a good story if you never lived?

This weekend I went camping with a couple friends, and to be fair, it was advanced level camping. We backpacked into a State Forest with no trail, purified water from the stream, and made fire from what we found around us.

Not exactly what we had planned on doing, we thought we were going to find a trail and camp near a lake that turned out to be nowhere near us, but we made it work and had a ton of fun! Even escaping the baby pine-tree forest on our way back to the car (those little guys are brutal!) added some character to the trip.

And the truth is, I can’t wait to go out again and find another great place and live some new adventures!

The biggest danger to living a life is putting off experiences until later, when you have more time, money, etc. But you will always think you need more of those things, and if you wait too long, you’ll miss out on the life you were meant to live.

So what stories are you going to live this year? This month? Or even this week?

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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