Love Your Dreams, Watch Them Come True


This weekend was about remembering how much control we really have in our own lives.

Each of us has the power to choose the way we show up and how we live.

Yet most of us shirk this responsibility off onto another. We let society, family, or friends tell us what makes our lives valuable.

And I tried it.

I did the whole corporate America career deal for over 5 years. And I was good at it.

But I was miserable.

My light was dying, and I felt like I was drowning.

So I made a choice to leave, and start over.

Mom laughs as she re-tells the story:

“Yeah, I went to visit her and got a tour and everything seemed good. Then a few months later Jes calls and says she’s moving at the end of the month. I thought to a different part of NYC, but she said, ‘No, to Ithaca.’ And ‘oh yeah, I quit!’ So I said OK.

It was really fun for me to hear this side of the story and get an outside perspective on my life. For me, that last year was awful. I thought that everyone saw my shift as inevitable.

And truly, I had no idea she was surprised until the conversation we had about it this week.

But even more valuable than seeing what my life looks like from the outside was the reminder that having support when you make life choices regardless of how they appear is priceless.

There are countless experiences in my life that could never have happened if I didn’t have someone say, “that’s awesome, get everything you can out of it!”

I might not have lived in Japan. Or France. Moved to NYC. Backpacked through Europe. Struck out on my own. Etc.

A lot of people don’t have that.

Most people even.

Which is why I started coaching; I wanted to help other people embrace their inner light, their dreams, their desires, and live them.

I know how important it is to have someone to talk out what you want to do with, and not feel like you’re crazy.

How important it is to have someone take your ideas seriously, when they don’t completely make sense to common convention.

How important it is to have someone help you figure out what needs to happen to make your dreams reality.

And that’s what I do.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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