Little Joys to Make You Smile


This weekend I took the bus down to NYC to visit friends and celebrate a birthday. Usually I drive, but this time I took the bus which basically gave me 5 hours to sit and think without distraction.

Passing a semi, I was reminded of how when we were little, my brother and I would very enthusiastically signal the drivers to pump the air horn.

Of course, we were often rewarded with a long blast, and we absolutely loved it! (How could they not, really? We were just all of the cuteness at 4 & 6 years old, pumping our arms up and down!)

I never want to loose that innocence that lets me take joy from all the little things in life. To be the kid that has wonder and appreciation for the world around her, even as an adult.

And it’s easy to forget about, with all the responsibilities and necessities that come with being an adult. Sometimes I have to take a beat and get my head back on, just like everyone else.

For the rest of my ride down, I made a point of putting this to practice, and especially loved the deer that were enjoying the tall grass buffets throughout the trip.

This really needs to be something that we all practice all the time if we truly want to grow as people and love our lives. So I practiced some more when my friends and I went out to play BINGO together, celebrating each time one of us was close to a win, and anticipating the next number called (we won twice!).

And the best way to make any habit natural is to start doing it!

So go be that kid that gets excited at the prospect of something, and then celebrate it’s manifestation!

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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One Thought on “Little Joys to Make You Smile

  1. Maris on June 27, 2015 at 11:29 am said:

    Good advice!

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