It’s Never Too Late to Start Again


Wow has it been a crazy couple of weeks!

The meditation series has launched, and is in full swing, which is amazing! And last week I was in Rochester working on a Reiki Master class, followed by a trip down to NYC!

And now that those projects are complete, it’s time to start looking at what comes next!

Of course, everything I do is meant to move me one step closer to the Reiki School & Retreat center I eventually intend to build and run. But, in the mean time, it there are a lot of projects that can prepare me for that.

One is setting up a Medical study to review the effects of Reiki on physical health in comparison with both traditional and alternative medicines.

Another is finishing my certification as a Continuing Education Provider in NY State.

And perhaps the most important is to continue my own personal growth and development. A huge aspect of that this year, is to get back into athletic shape.

I’ve been super diligent about staying healthy and active, but it’s finally time for me to start training again (I practiced Martial arts for the majority of my life).

So, I pulled out my two favorite Shotokan books so I could review the Kata. Most people think of Kumite (practice fights) as the most fun for Karate, but I’ve always loved the Kata best. You can practice the same one 10,000 times and still find something new to learn, and they are a great form of moving meditation.

Right now, it’s been about 3 years since I’ve practiced martial arts, and 7 since I’ve practiced Shotokan specifically. When I try to just recall the Kata, I get bits and pieces, but definitely don’t have a perfect memory of them anymore.

So I was super surprised to find that, once I started practicing the movements, my body knew what came next.

I’m woefully out of shape for anything advanced at the moment, but man did that feel good.

And that lesson that came with it, the one that says once you’ve truly learned something, it never leaves you, was totally reinforced.

Which is perfect for the common theme I’ve been walking into lately; people saying they wished they had stayed in practice for a particular skill from a while back.

Let me tell you, it is never too late to pick it back up. Start right now.

Don’t worry about how you won’t be as good as you once were. Don’t worry about what the outcome will be. Just start and continue your practice.

You can do it.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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One Thought on “It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

  1. Excellent perspective & great advice 🙂 Go Jes!

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