I lead a well-balanced life, and love to help other people do the same.

For me, this doesn’t just mean having time for family, friends, health, career, etc. It means getting the absolute most out of my life.

And I’ve successfully done a lot up to this point:

  • Moved alone to a country I didn’t speak the language, twice.
  • Completed two degrees before I turned 21.
  • Built a successful Sales Career in NYC.
  • Trained and developed a team of 30 sales people in a new market.
  • Started and run a Successful Business.
  • Trained and Became Certified as a Professional Life Coach.
  • Trained and Became Certified as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

The list goes on, but those are the big rocks.

Ultimately, I’ve had the courage to “go for it” again and again because I’m willing to put myself out there to achieve the life I dream of.

I believe in Living Life all the way, and am constantly learning, growing, and sharing what I know with the people around me.

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