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I learned Japanese by moving to a small town in the middle of Japan and taking away the choice of giving up – really it’s difficult to give up when you are in a country that doesn’t speak your language and you have no support network. It worked so well the first time, I took it to France.

And then I took it to my career.

I moved to NYC solo, with enough money to survive for a month, and the hope I’d find a job in time. I ended up in a Door to Door sales position, working on straight commission.

Given time and moves up the sales ladder, it became obvious that this wasn’t the life I wanted to be living. Too much of my time was spent working, and no where near enough of my time was spent living.

Deciding I needed an exit plan that allowed me to have a positive impact on the world around me, I focused my intentions and became a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a Professional Work/Life Balance Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation.

I was ready to leave the Sales World, and I walked away having learned a few things:
~ Do the right thing when no one is looking. It’ll come back to you, I promise.
~ Always aim higher than you need to – if you miss you’ll still hit your goals.
~ Take time to Evaluate Results (both professionally and personally).
~ No matter what you are doing, once you learn the conversation, you know the game.
~ Career will always be there, and money will always come. It’s everything else that truly matters.
~ Don’t make excuses. Make it Happen.

Flash forward several years and a few jobs, and now I’m living life to the max and helping others do the same!

Choosing to LIVE LIFE on your own terms can be incredibly challenging, especially when your terms go against modern convention.

So when someone comes to me saying they “aren’t happy with the way their days play out,” or that they “want more out of life,” we partner up to figure out what part of the system needs improvement, set some goals, and walk the path together.

Living in a world that promotes living your dreams and experiencing life to the fullest.


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