Auricular Medincine


Auricular Medicine is a scientific medical system which can diagnose and treat many different diseases of the body and the mind solely through the ears. After more than 35 years of research and practice. Dr. Li-Chun Huang, an internationally renowned physician, and Dr. William S. Huang founded this unique art of healing while working in the 301 Military Hospital in China by treating over 250,000 patients.

– Alternative Medicine: no side effects
– Naturopathic Medicine: no need for pharmaceuticals
– Instant gratification: Diagnosis & Treatment done at the same time
– Is a scientific medical system
– Is a total treatment for the whole body: Physical, functional, emotional, mental, spiritual, and others
– Present both merits of Eastern and Western Medicine
– Auricular Diagnosis has high medical value but in low cost.

With Dr. Huang’s method, ears show medical conditions of the past, present, and future. Auricular Diagnosis is based upon Embryology, Anatomy. Genetics, Immunology, Autonomic Nerves, Sympathetic and Peripheral Nerve Systems, Pathomorphology, Fluidism, etc. to diagnose more than 200 diseases and symptoms. 

Once diagnosed, the patient is treated using ear seeds – small vaccaria plant seeds picked for their consistent size and consistency. They look like tiny band-aids that are applied to specific points on the ear that use the nervous system trigger a healing response in the body. Ear seeds can be left on up to 7 days.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is considered a microsystem of the body – meaning each tiny point corresponds to a larger portion of the whole. For example, your back, arms, knees, eyes, organs, etc. Using modern medicine, we’ve found that the 5 nerves in the ears are triggered when working on the ear, and the nervous system then knows which parts of the body need attention.

A treatment is very easy for the patient – don’t worry… there are no needles required! At an auricular appointment, the practitioner begins with diagnosis. Using both observation and a machine nicknamed the “Chinese MRI” to detect electrical imbalances, we can find what’s not working properly within the patients body. Next, the practitioner will put all the information together, and treat using ear seeds.

There are very feel people trained in Dr. Huang’s method of Auricular Medicine – fortunately, Jes is one of them! If you’d like to schedule an appointment, reach out to Jes by phone (908-800-2258) or email.

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