Have You Peaked Yet?


Our society has a serious fear of death, to the point where we do everything we can to avoid it. And then struggle to accept it once it’s taken hold.

But I wonder if we would be so afraid of it if we were all truly living our lives to the best of our potential.

Over the weekend, I had a conversation that revolved around when someone “peaks” in life – when they hit the highest mark they ever will.

A lot of people choose to peak early – they focus their life on partying and the next kegger they can throw. And the struggle to meet the demands of life.

Another big group peaks as they get to a point where they can handle all the responsibilities life throws their way. They get to a point where they will grow incrementally in their career, pay for the house and toys they want, and have some fun.

That’s great. They are happy where they are, and that’s amazing.

My new friend is in this boat, and I’m happy for him.

But when I shared that I don’t believe I’ve peaked yet, he was a bit confused.

I work incredibly hard, all the time. I’m happy where I’m figuratively at now, but I won’t be happy to stay here forever.

I want to keep growing. To accomplish great things. To push the envelope of my potential, and see exactly how far I can go.

For me, that’s the point of life.

I could never be satisfied to peak at 27, with at least 2/3 of my life left. What would be the point of all that time if I ceased to push myself?

Nor do I think I’d be happy to peak at 40 or 50.

Every moment I’m alive is a moment to expand and to grow. How do I possibly pick a point and say, “nope, I’m good here for the rest of my time.”

I choose to keep growing and keep experiencing.

And I truly hope that I don’t peak until I’m well past old & gray.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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