Have You Been “Asking For It?”


There are times where I get really upset about all the challenges life throws my way. It’s like, Seriously? I’ve already gone through so much! Isn’t it my turn for things to just work out already?!

I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.

And for the most part, I try not to get stuck in these feelings. I know that once I feel them, they exist, and need to be released or they will just continue to build up.

This weekend, I came to a deeper understanding while I was giving Reiki and healing to other people.

It all became so much more clear than it’s ever been before.

I know this has been just below the surface for a long while, trying to break through, and I just wasn’t getting it until now.

Up to this point, I’d feel frustrated, but get to a point of acceptance through the belief that everything happens for a reason.

Each of these experiences I’ve been viewing in a negative light have happened as a way to teach and prepare me for what was to come. These lessons had to happen so that I could grow as a soul.

I’ve known for a long time that everyone has specific lessons they are here to learn, with the how and when being up to them.

I know this in my heart.

Now I know that all the things I’ve faced up to this point have happened not only because I needed to learn them, but because I set the parameters for how and when.

I was asking for these experiences to happen, because I wanted the quickest route, and I didn’t care about anything else.

I asked for them.

Knowing this has also helped me to reach a significantly deeper level of release. Some of the old wounds that I’ve been carrying have been let go, and I feel lighter and stronger than ever.

And now I can re-set my Spiritual GPS to: Quickest Route Without Major Obstacles. I still want to get them out of the way, I just want to do it without going though unnecessary pain.

I wanted to share this lesson with everyone because, really, who doesn’t?

My hope is that this knowledge helps whoever needs it to release the “why me?” pains, and to start dictating what their life lessons look like going forward.

The choice and the power is yours. Take advantage of it.

Love ThatBalanceChick2


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