Remember to Love Yourself


Normally, I’m not all that up for the idea of watching TV – it’s so much better to get out and do something, and save the recliner for a rainy day.

But even I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to mind-numbing TV time.

For me, it’s all about the dating shows; Married at First Sight, Dating Naked, Millionaire Matchmaker, etc. I really have enjoy watching how people interact when they are trying to find love.

But really, what I like about a lot of these shows is that it ultimately boils down to loving yourself first.

And far too often, we forget that this is our natural born right! You are MEANT to LOVE YOURSELF!

Until you learn to put yourself first, and honor who you are, it’s impossible to truly find happiness or Balance. You will spend way to much of your life bending to the whims of other people, and losing your own shape.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done, right?

There are so many requirements that society, friends, and families put on us. You have to find a way to make money, of course. And you have to make some concessions to maintain your relationships.

And we’re told what we’re supposed to value; money, promotions, things.

However, there is NO EXCUSE to not do the right thing for you, and love yourself FIRST.

To do this, you have to decide what your “non-negotiables” for life are.

I have to be able to hike on a regular basis, or I become totally stressed out. It’s also super important for me to travel, and experience new cultures, ideally at least one trip per year that is outside the touristy spectrum! I like to live and eat healthy, and I read a lot!

Once you have a clearer picture of what really matters to your life, what makes you happy & in keeps you in your unique Balance, then all your other decisions become that much easier.

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