Balance in Moments

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Every once in a while, you come across moments where you are in absolute balance. Everything feels and works exactly as you want it to, and you couldn’t do it better if you tried.

No, literally, if you try, it would be worse.

A perfect example is from when I was on the driving range.

I’m not a golfer, but I have a new friend who is and has been inviting me to play. Instead of putting either of us through the torture of 9 holes (a second time), we decided it would be better to hit a bucket of balls and work on my swing.

Turns out, I can hit just shy of 100 yards pretty consistently when you take out the 50% of swings I miss the ball. 🙂

The swings where I was conscious of every little thing I was doing, and really concentrating on hitting the ball the right way, were the swings I struggle the most.

It seemed that the harder I tried, the worse my swing was.

But when I just let go and trusted my body to do what it was supposed to, I hit it clear and straight and beautiful.

In those moments, I could feel everything flowing perfectly. I wasn’t tensing the wrong places, or distracted by anything.

I just was, and so the club and ball did what they were supposed to.

That’s the feeling I cherish, because I’m totally in balance in all ways. Sometimes it can be hard to notice, which is exactly why I wanted this to be my first post with you all.

Remember to recognize the moments when you aren’t bogged down and you’re reaching your highest potential. Making that a habit will ensure that you have more of them.

And before you know it, you’ll be living your entire life in balance!


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