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I saw a really funny little meme in my FB feed today, about how someone realized they grew up to be Squidward from SpongeBob. Essentially, it was about how they never want to get out of bed, don’t care, and are not thrilled with the results of the day once they do get out of bed.

While I know it was meant in humor, it was a little too close to real. I remember feeling something akin to that back when I was working as a corporate sales agent for a company I lost my passion for.

Living the same day, every day, can be tough. Especially when you feel undervalued and like you’re not making a real difference.

But I’ve found that they key to not becoming a Squidward and maintain your Balance is to Fall in Love, Every Day.

I swear, you can do this. And will be happier if you do.

Now, you of course can fall in love with a person. And this doesn’t have to be just someone you are romantically attached to (in fact, if you already have a relationship, I’d recommend not falling in that kind of love with anyone other than your partner!).

But you can fall in love with you friends! And with people you meet and are inspired by!

There’s no reason you can’t share the love with anyone you meet if you feel like they are deserving of it.

Even more importantly though, you should fall in love with your life!

There are thousands of moments every day, and at least a few of them should touch your heart in some way.

For example, last night, as I was getting home after a late hike with some friends, my lawn area was full of fireflies! It was such a beautiful scene, like the stars descended to our level and were twinkling at Roxie and I. So, we took a moment to soak in the sight before going inside, and to revel in the beauty that comes from life.

Or, there is the amazing experience of tasting foods that delight your taste buds! I love to cook and try different recipes, and I love to try different dishes put together by other chefs (professional or not). The experience gives me a special kind of energy, and reminds me of why life is so go.

So what are all the little things that make your life unique and special? What little experiences did you get to have today?

If you can notice these things as they take place, you won’t be able to help but fall in love over and over again. And love is a key ingredient to staying in Balance!

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