Dreams Can Come True


Dreaming is something that makes us uniquely human.

Not the kind of dreams one has when unconscious – as any dog owner can attest to the fact that dogs at the very least also dream.

But the kind of dreams where we consciously think up a new solution, or a different life. Where we design what it would look like if we had the final say.

I went out with a newer friend of mine, and was excitedly talking about what I want to accomplish with my life.

I guess I’ve always been one to dream kind of big, but I want to design and create a community with a group of likeminded people. One that values living in harmony with the planet, and focuses on self-sufficiency. Ideally, this community would support all its own needs – healthcare, electricity, food, water, etc.

This particular dream started when I was still in high school, albeit with a very different appearance and a focus on educational reform. But over the years, it continued to grow by incorporating the different experiences I collected.

Throughout the afternoon, we discussed potential pitfalls and obstacles I might face. In his words, he was looking for holes. And I was answering every question he threw at me.

Eventually, we got to a point where he just laughed.

He laughed because I talk about my dreams as if I’m going to accomplish them, and he found that amazing.

That thought stuck with me: it’s amazing that I intend to follow through with my dreams.

For me, that’s just what feels right.

I may or may not accomplish this dream turned goal; I don’t actually know. But what I do know is that my life will not be wasted if I spend it taking steps toward what I believe in.

I challenge you to do that same.

Because wouldn’t it just be nice if your dreams came true?

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