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Life is easier when you go through it in the company of someone special.

Most people would agree with that statement. And most people would assume “someone special” is a lover. But it doesn’t have to be – it can be a friend (or family member) too.

Really, all someone needs in order to be “someone special” is a real connection with you.

This week, I made a new friend. We have a similar mindset on how to approach life, where things are headed culturally in the US, and generally just enjoyed each others company. Definitely someone I would love to get to know better, and spend more time with.

Unfortunately, this friend is leaving the area in less than a week.

When faced with a situation like this, you have a few choices. One, you can be upset and/or angry. Two, you can just walk away. Or Three, you can just enjoy the time you have together, and let it be a great experience.

We chose the door number three. No pressure, just a good friendship that may or may not come into play again.

And we went all in. Sharing some of the deeper and more personal experiences we’ve had. Things that not everyone gets to know about. Because when you cross paths with someone you instantly share a connection with, you want to make the most of it.

Of course, part of me is disappointed at the timing of it all.

The bigger part of me, however, is just grateful for the connection I made with a great person. And for the memories from the experiences we shared in such a short time period.

I choose to focus on the luckiness of having received the opportunity to connect at all.

This experience reminded me how important it is to approach life with an open heart. To be willing to put myself out there and connect with new people, instead of putting only my best foot forward.

To share the parts of myself that really matter, and are somewhat vulnerable.

Really, the people that end up meaning something are ultimately going to be the ones who like you for who you are, scars and all.

So my challenge to you all is the next person you meet and feel the beginnings of a connection with, open up. Share who you really are, and see what you get in return.

Love ThatBalanceChick2

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